4 AWS Certification Exams Employees Must Take to Ensure Their IT Skills and Knowledge

Employees need to have an IT certification to show that they are eligible for the job they do. The certification also helps the companies to improve their credibility.

AWS is one of the IT certifications employees have to achieve. Achieving an IT certificate is not as easy as it can imagine. A specific online service such as spoto.net aws offers IT certification training.

Certified Developer Exam 

Certified Developer Exam or DVA-CO1 is one of the AWS certification training programs you can try at Spoto.net. You are about to finish about over 200 questions in 130 minutes. The questions are including multiple-choice, drag and drop, and simulations.

The goal of this exam is to ensure that candidates understand the AWS services core, uses, and basic applications. It also helps to ensure the candidates develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications based on the AWS theories they know.

Certified Solutions Architect

The AWS certification is not only for developers but also architects. You have to pass through the AWS Certified Solution Architect to show your skills and knowledge to clients. Like the Certified Developer Exam, you also have to complete over 200 questions consist of multiple-choice, drag and drop, and simulations.

You only have 130 minutes to finish the exam. The result expects you to give the best solutions by using architectural design principles to clients. At the same time, you can also manage the project well. The AWS exam cost for Certified Developer Exam and Certified Solutions Architect is $170 at Spoto.net.

Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam 

Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam is suitable for candidates who have to use their AWS Cloud knowledge and skills continuously. Unlike the Certified Developer Exam and Certified Solutions Architect, the Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam consists of multiple choice and multiple answer questions.

You only have 90 minutes to finish the exam. You will understand the AWS Cloud, AWS Cloud architectural principles, and AWS Cloud value proposition. This exam also expects that you are mastering the AWS systems and control the data flow to and from AWS.

You can also show the best AWS service based on data and security requirements. It will be better if you have experience with the AWS Cloud for at least 6 months if you want to join the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam training at Spoto.net. You also must have to master the basic IT services knowledge and the usage in the AWS Cloud Platform.

Certified Professional Solutions Architect Exam 

Certified Professional Solutions Architect Exam is the most expensive compared to the three other exams above. You have to spend $300 to join the training at Spoto.net. The cost is including the exam that consists of over 100 questions. You are about to finish the exam in only 90 minutes as the real exam. Plus, you will also get access to the AWS certified solutions architect question bank.

Now, you know what kind of IT certification you have to achieve after reading this information. You even don’t have to get confused about the exam. Preparing the exam well is one of the keys to achieving your IT certification. You may use a specific online service, such as Spoto.net to help you to prepare for the IT certification exam.