Yes, a portable projector can be a very big investment and it is important that one completely think the process through before making any serious decisions.

We have many different projectors available on the market and the one that you chose should depend heavily upon how one intend to use it as well as other factors to help weigh in;

  • If it is compatible with your current set up: One need to make sure that any portable projector that he/she purchase is compatible to his/her set up. He/she need to figure out what devices he/she will be plugging his/her portable projector into and ensure that they have all of the necessary plugins required to display the image.
  • If there are several different memory options: Normally the projectors today have multiple forms of flash input. This is always helpful in situations where one is delivering a presentation and need to pull data or information from multiple memory sources. Like instead of having pull out a single flash memory, he/she will simply navigate his/her way to its location on the projector operating system and load the file that he/she is looking to display.
  • The size of the portable projector, how large it is: Normally any portable projector should weigh less than five pounds. One is probably considering buying a portable projector simply because the things that he/she is using it for will require that you move it from one location to another periodically. But if the device weighs much more than 5 pounds it can be a bit harder for him/her to transport from one location to another.
  • Does it have a remote control: One might be surprised how many different portable projectors do not have a remote control of any kind. This can always make navigating through the screens displayed by the projector iffy at best and many require that he/she navigate using only the buttons that are located on the portable projector.

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