Learn about Off-page SEO

Behind every search made, there are thousands of processes happening for that accurate results to show. Search engines have developed more complex algorithms to show the best results to their users. They know that users want relevant, accurate, and new content.


And to deliver these results, a process called SEO is happening. What does this mean? Websites are being optimized every day to meet search engine criteria, and when the users need to change, the SEO techniques have to change.


The thing is, some SEO elements are fundamental, and that hasn’t changed. If your website is not constantly being optimized, then you may never be visible enough.


One of the SEO elements that you can’t ignore is off-page SEO. This is very important because it can make or break your site. Off-page SEO is not directly happening on the website, but it is important always to consider optimizing off-page factors.


What is Off-page SEO?


Off-page SEO is the process that the search engines use to find out about your site and to include it in their index. You build a more solid online presence and increase your domain authority with off-page SEO strategies.


The more you do this for your site (and the more quality of content you build), the higher its visibility. Google uses two main ways to find sites: it will examine your website’s on-page and off-page. In this article, we will focus on off-page SEO and the most important factors you need to consider.


What are the most important off-page SEO factors?


Social media usage: online presence is more than having a website. You also need to be present on top social media platforms. You can promote your site on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Million people use social media, and most people have several social media accounts, so why don’t they be visible on these massive platforms?


Social media can also help you drĂ®ve traffic that is already interested in your brand to your website or online store. Usually, social users are more likely to convert into customers. 


Backlinks: a ranking factor, a backlink is a link to a website from an authoritative site. Backlinks are also known as link exchanges that help to get your website a better ranking. You can get your website better visibility that way.


To make it more simple, the more backlinks a website has, the more relevant that website becomes. Backlinks are a way to show search engines that you are relevant and have quality content that people like to use as a reference.

Understanding different elements of SEO and how they help a website to rank higher is important. This is why understanding the basics of off-page SEO is a must if you want to have a website that drives traffic.


You can contact our San Jose SEO agency to get more information about this or other digital marketing strategies to improve your online presence. Learn about other SEO elements and strategies and start to impulse your website on search engines.